Violent conflict at a 30-year high.

Historic levels of polarization.

70 million people displaced.

+Peace is mobilizing people, governments & the private sector to tackle global violence & division.

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The challenge

Violent conflict is at a 30-year high and has sharply increased since 2010. Currently, 70.8 million people are displaced worldwide, the highest level ever recorded - surpassing post-WWII displacement. Worldwide, division, polarization, tribalism, and violent extremism are not only taking innocent lives but are also dividing communities at a time when the world needs cooperation now more than ever.


The solution

Peacebuilding is an essential tool for addressing today’s interrelated crises of violence, war and polarization. Peacebuilders are the people on the frontlines of this work every day. We are working to elevate public understanding, embrace and support for peacebuilding, while building a more formidable global social movement of peacebuilders.

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The strategy

We seek impact at multiple levels. We seek to inspire individual and community awareness and change. We want policymakers and politicians to center peacebuilding in laws and policies. And we’re working with the private sector to make the global economy support positive peace. We know that change at all three levels will be critical to reducing global levels of violence at the scale we need.

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The coalition

We are 21 peacebuilding organizations, and growing, coming together to tackle global levels of violence and division and mobilize our community around the biggest ideas in peacebuilding. We are currently refining our governance model and building our campaign platform, and will launch to the public on September 21, 2019.







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