With over 7 million Google results and 1,000 books listed on Amazon, “peacebuilding” has evolved from a niche concept to a full-blown discipline. We’re determined to do more—specifically, to establish peacebuilding in policy, politics, and public discourse as the default approach. Join the movement.

The world is facing a historic crisis of violence. Until we speak with a collective voice, military responses—and all their consequences—will seem like the default. Sign up to join us as we wage a global movement to establish peacebuilding as the default response to violent conflict.

Did you know that the United Kingdom has pursued peacebuilding as an official policy aim since 1997? Or that Search for Common Ground, the largest dedicated peacebuilding organization, has over 600 staff members? While the United Nations houses multiple peacebuilding offices, not many people know the full meaning of the term.

We live in a world where military solutions to conflict dominate. Changing this narrative will take time, creativity, and persuasion. Most of all, it will take you. Already, thanks to your support, we have placed “peacebuilding” in several top dictionaries.


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