Peacebuilding action week


The world faces a global crisis of violence and division.


Help us to build a louder peacebuilding movement.

We are staging the first-ever Peacebuilding Action Week.


A collective shift starts here.


From September 14 - 21, we invite peacebuilders around the world to join us in the first-ever Global Peacebuilding Action Week, showing the world the power and unity of the global peacebuilding community. There is no right or wrong action. Actions should be locally led, focused on showing the world what peacebuilding is. Just use #ThisIsPeacebuilding to share your events and connect with the global movement.

Our movement gains momentum when peacebuilders come together in unity. Peacebuilding Action Week is an opportunity for us to show the world just how united we are, driving needed momentum towards the International Day of Peace, September 21.

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