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Getting “peacebuilding” in the dictionary

Muslim women write messages as part of a peace conference in the Philippines CREDIT Conciliation Resources.JPG

Why peacebuilding?

Violent conflict at a 25-year high. Historic levels of polarization. Nearly 70 million displaced people. With the world facing huge challenges, we need strategies that address the root causes of violence and suffering.


Our campaign to put “peacebuilding” in English-language dictionaries started in 2018. In order to build a more peaceful world, we need the language to get there. Peacebuilding in the dictionary is just the start.

UK Aid is backing the inclusion of #peacebuilding in the English Dictionary. Currently it isn’t! We support people around the world who are building peace every day. They deserve recognition.
— Alistair Burt, UK Minister of State for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Department for International Development

Living Dictionary

Right now, peacebuilding is happening all over the world—in radio programming in Sierra Leone, dialogue programs in Myanmar, racial justice work in the United States, and a thousand other places. So what does it look like?