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A is for Access

Sustainable peace requires the involvement of marginalized groups, often including women.

B is for Battle

Battle for Humanity is a mobile game taking back what it means to be a hero. Built by peacebuilders, Battle is teaching young people how to effectively manage conflict IRL.

C is for Climate Ethics

The misuse of natural resources can amplify threats, exacerbating existing conflict dynamics in countries such as Myanmar.

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D is for Displacement

From Venezuela to Syria, the world faces a historic forced displacement crisis. For the first time in history, violence has surpassed natural disasters as the main driver behind forced displacement.


E is for Economics

For every $1 spent on peacebuilding, analysts estimate a return of $16. Let’s invest today.


g is for grievances

War has plagued humanity for millennia, so how can we build peace? It starts with listening to local grievances.

H is for Humanitarian

Idlib, a province in Syria, is seeking to rebuild after nearly six years of bombing, blockades, and sieges. Humanitarians are working with peacebuilders to advance social cohesion in recovery.


I is for Inclusion

Sustainable peace requires inclusion of all voices, particularly minorities previously excluded from governance processes and systems of power.

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J is for Justice

Justice is central to sustainable peace. Peacebuilding organizations organize justice groups, human rights groups, minority groups, and violence prevention groups to unite for shared goals.


M is for Mediation

Peacebuilders are real life mediators. They work to find inventive solutions that satisfy all people without sacrificing justice.

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N is for Narrative Theory

Humans are a storytelling species. Whenever we experience something, we create a new narrative. How can we entrench stories of hope?


O is for Outreach

For 40 years, peacebuilders have been sharing advice, inspiration, and stories from the field.

P is for Prevention

Through smart planning, we aim to stop the next violent conflict before it even starts.

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R is for Reconciliation

Ever since the 1994 genocide, peacebuilders in Rwanda have sought to bridge ethnic divides and grapple with the legacy of suffering.



As part of the Sustainable Development Goals, the United Nations has outlined a global agenda to reduce violence, advance justice, and promote inclusion.

U is for Unity—and Ubuntu

Two decades ago, Nelson Mandela demonstrated the power of togetherness. Today, peacebuilders in the United States are applying these lessons in confronting historic levels of polarization.

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W is for Women

Women wage peace. All day. Every day. All around the world. It’s high time the world let them lead—as a recent resolution by the European Union shows.

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Y is for Youth

Youth are leading a new global movement for positive peace and active nonviolence. Peacebuilding depends on them.