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For over 40 years, peacebuilding has existed as a field without being included as a word in dictionaries. The situation changed late in 2018, when Cambridge, HarperCollins, and Macmillan publishers agreed to add “peacebuilding” to their English-language dictionaries. The dictionary campaign is the first step in our broader movement to establish peacebuilding in the public arena.


peacebuilding at the globe

Many changes in the English language have started at the Globe Theatre in London, where William Shakespeare premiered many plays. On Sept. 21, 2018, peacebuilders added another chapter when +Peace members International Alert, Conciliation Resources, and Peace Direct partnered with Mark Rylance, one of the most renowned stage actors today, to paste “peacebuilding” into a human-sized dictionary.


international day of peace 2018

High above New York City, on the 48th floor of the SAP Leonardo Center, over 100 peacebuilders and creative leaders celebrated the dictionary addition of “peacebuilding,” along with other achievements. The event was hosted by four +Peace organizations: the Alliance for Peacebuilding, Generations For Peace, PartnersGlobal, and Search for Common Ground.


future activities

Until we make the case for peacebuilding, violent responses—and all their consequences—will remain the default. That’s why we’re building a new movement to make the case for peace. In coming months, we’ll launch a series of campaigns to establish peacebuilding in policy, politics, and public discourse. Join us.


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