Action Week

14-21 September


From September 14 - 21, join peacebuilders around the world in our first-ever Global Peacebuilding Action Week.

Together, we will show the world the power and unity of the global peacebuilding movement.

Use #ThisIsPeacebuilding to join the movement.

Flagship Events:

  • Geneva Peace Talks // Geneva // 19 September: Join us here.

  • Peace Day #PeaceTalks // Washington DC // 20 September: Join us here.

  • Talking Peace Festival // London // Saturday, 21 September: Join us here.

  • Peace Day Celebration and +Peace Launch Party // New York // 21 September

Ideas for Actions:

  • Peace Talks: Join or lead your own Peace Talks discussion forum in your community. To learn more about the approach for a Peace Talks forum, visit the seminal event page by Interpeace.

  • Peacebuilding Radio: Do you run a radio program? Use Peacebuilding Action Week to highlight peacebuilders in your community or discuss important conflict drivers.

  • Sports Matches: Sponsor a peacebuilding sports match to bring communities together. Make sure, however, that you do no harm.

  • Living Library of Peacebuilding: Partner with a public library or local museum to host a living library of peacebuilding exhibit. Or organize your own. See what the University of Sydney did.

  • Peacebuilding Supper Club or Lunch & Learn: Partner with a local restaurant to see if they will host an in-kind, peace-focused dinner discussion in your community. Check out the Conflict Kitchen.

  • Peacebuilding Bloc Party: Host a “bloc party” style community event to celebrate peace work in community and raise awareness and support for peacebuilding.

  • Community Discussions: Lead a local discussion on a pressing social issue.

  • Peacebuilding Trainings: Train your friends, family, or community members on peacebuilding and conflict resolution techniques.

  • Advocacy Days: Facilitate an advocacy day to advance a local peacebuilding priority.

  • Peacebuilding Video: See what peacebuilding students at the University of Bradford made.

  • Host a Peacebuilding Film Series:  Host screenings of peacebuilding films. Contact us to get film suggestions and support

    • El Testigo (on Netflix): a story of forgiveness and recovery in Colombia through the eyes of its most famous war photojournalist;

    • Burden of Peace: a story of Guatemala’s first female Attorney General, Claudia Paz y Paz, and her fight against impunity, as she seeks to bring justice to the crimes committed during the armed conflict;

    • Shadow World: a story of the global arms trade and its role in undermining peace and stability;

    • A Free Trip to Egypt: a story of American strangers brought to Egypt to challenge their own biases of dehumanization;

    • Port of Destiny: The story of Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos' path to peace; how this former military hawk risked his career and his legacy to bring peace to his people.



Our movement gains momentum
when peacebuilders come together in unity.

Events, Ideas or Questions?

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