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Peacebuilding Action Week

Violent conflict at a 30-year high. Historic levels of polarization. Over 70,000,000 people displaced. The world needs a louder, more organized peacebuilding movement — and this September, we are mobilizing to build it.

From September 14 - 22, join us in the first-ever Global Peacebuilding Action Week, showing the world the power and unity of the global peacebuilding community.

Use #ThisIsPeacebuilding to share your events and connect with the movement.

There is no one right action or event. Actions should be locally led, focused on showing the world what peacebuilding is.

Ideas of actions include:

  • Peace Talks: Join or lead your own peace talks discussion forum. The seminal, TEDx-style PeaceTalks forum is led by Interpeace in Geneva.

  • Peacebuilding Radio: Do you run a radio program? Dedicate Peacebuilding Action Week to highlighting peacebuilders in your local community, or discussing important conflict drivers.

  • Social Cohesion Sports Matches: Sponsor a football match to bring communities together.

  • Peacebuilding Pop Up: Host a “pop-up” style booth or event throughout the week to share resources on conflict resolution and peacebuilding.

  • Living Libraries of Peacebuilding: Partner with your public library to host living dictionary of peacebuilding exhibits.

  • Peacebuilding Supper Club: Partner with a local restaurant to see if they will host an in-kind, peace-focused dinner discussion in your community.

  • Peacebuilding Bloc Party: Host a “bloc party” style community event to celebrate peace work in community and raise awareness and support for peacebuilding.

  • Community Meetings: Lead a local discussion on a pressing social issue.

  • Peacebuilding Trainings: Train your friends, family, or community members on peacebuilding and conflict resolution techniques.

  • Advocacy Days: Facilitate an advocacy day on peacebuilding.

Our movement gains momentum when peacebuilders come together in unity. Peacebuilding Action Week is an opportunity for us to show the world just how united we are, driving needed momentum towards the International Day of Peace, September 21.